Volunteers are paramount to the great work of Community Transport. There is no doubt that without volunteers many of the vital Community Transport services would not take place. These services are a lifeline for numerous residents who use Community Transport to make important trips to visit family and friends, the doctors and the shops, and which impact on the health and social wellbeing of residents.

The Voluntary Sector mobilises the energies of possibly more people than any other part of civil society. 30,000 organisations make up the Voluntary Sector in Wales. This includes; voluntary organisations, community groups, volunteers, self-help groups, community co-operatives and enterprises, religious organisations and other not for profit organisations that benefit the communities and people in Wales. This massive and diverse sector makes a major contribution to economic, social, environmental and cultural life of Wales.

Volunteering is recognised as a ‘good thing’ for Wales to be supported and promoted. Volunteering is associated with altruism, the belief in or practice of a selfless concern for the well-being of others. Self-less, altruistic action is an expression of the best in our human nature. The fulfilment of our potential once our more basic needs are met.

Volunteering is recognised as being of two way benefit, to the organisation and to the individual. The benefits of volunteering include: building relationships, enjoyment of purposeful activity, experience and skills gained, personal development, increase in local service provision, increase of social well-being, democratic participation, inclusion and social cohesion.

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