This web site was developed by CAVO and exists to support and advise community transport groups and users throughout Ceredigion.Our aim is to provide a resource that helps encourage and support both the organisations and volunteers that work hard within the communities they serve.

Community Transport is transport 'by local communities for local communities'
A number of community schemes and groups in Ceredigion provide transport for rurally isolated villages and communities across the county.

All the community transport schemes and groups in Ceredigion are voluntary and not-for-profit organisations and the drivers are volunteers.

Ceredigion Community Transport provides transport for people who cannot access the regular bus routes.

Who can use Ceredigion Community Transport?
Ceredigion Community Transport is for
  • people who cannot access the regular bus routes because they are rurally isolated and no buses pass close to their homes
  • people who cannot access the regular buses because of mobility problems
  • people who cannot access the regular bus service because of the cost of fares
  • community groups that want transport to activities that benefit the community
Ceredigion Community Transport can offer transport through
  • Social Car Schemes
  • Dial-a-ride services
  • Group hire and bookings
Ceredigion's voluntary and community transport network provides services that focus on local,  one-to-one help and are innovative in driving forward social regeneration in their communities.
Ceredigion's Community Transport operators provide access to essential services, helping people and community groups get around, many of whom may have difficulty in using or who cannot use conventional transport. These services are here to help the community and are not operated for profit.


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